Healing Through Storytelling

Vulnerability is not a weakness--its honesty and trust in it's purest form.

We all have a story to tell and whether we share it or not, it shapes who we are.

Our lives are made up of stories and each experience is a chapter in the grand novel that is our lives. These stories make up our personalities. They shape our perceptions of the world, our fears, our love, our desires.

When we hang on to a story or a narrative we are letting it define who we are, we are identifying with an experience so much so that it becomes our personalities. Sharing your story can be healing, it can free you from carrying the baggage around like dead weight, it can give you new perspective or help you re-shape the narrative--a personal form of therapy.

Writing gives you clarity.

Writing can help you see your thoughts. Thoughts are abstract, they only exist in our minds and when we write things down on paper we can become clearer in our emotions. We can begin to understand them in terms of what they mean for us, to see where we are holding on to shame or blame or guilt. Writing gives us room to accept and move on from our pasts, to forgive ourselves for the actions we may regret.

Instead of suppressing your emotions writing gives you room to release anger, fear, hatred, rage, sadness, depression, love.

We tend to believe that our stories are unique. They're not.

Sharing your story can help others feel less alone. We're often holding on to shame and fear of being judged by speaking out, but the truth is when we hold on to our stories we're isolating ourselves. We're putting up a wall that prevents others from truly knowing and understanding us. When we share we connect with people who can relate and a community and friendships are forged.

Opening up can give others room to heal through our experiences and revelations. Sometimes we just need to know we are not alone and see others succeed through the same hurt and pain we have experienced.

Got a story to share?

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