What is Rising Wild Woman?

Rising Wild Woman is a place for women to find their voice, to share their truth.

Sharing my stories has been incredibly powerful and healing for my own personal well-being. I’ve had the joy of finding my voice and helping others find theirs. I’ve shared with friends, family, and even strangers and through my openness, I’ve found new friendships and strengthened others.

After a relationship that decimated my mind, body, and spirit I found myself absolutely crushed as a human being--fragmented. This relationship that truly verbally and emotionally beat me down, resulted in a loss of my sense of self love, pride, and confidence. I was essentially a shell of who I had been.   

I worked hard for months to build up my self esteem, to find confidence in myself again. I did yoga, I meditated daily, I wrote mantra’s and affirmations, I consulted Oracle Cards, Energy Healers, therapists, and friends.

Eventually, I found the courage to find a path that supports women who in finding their voice--in finding their power.

Rising Wild Woman gives women a platform to talk about the things that have hurt them, the people who have wronged them, the shame they have carried. We do not seek to shame in return but rather to bring awareness to the often too easily shrugged off parts of life: love disguised as rough physical touches, the subtle ways that our bodies are often sexualized, and even the confusion surrounding--what is rape?